December 24, 2012
by Daniella Cossio

Creating Reference Materials for On Line Education


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When evaluating students’ learning, a clear understanding of the nature and expectation of the assessment is key in successful outcomes. Languages B and Ab Initio assessments changed for 2013.  It was important to create resources that could be used as a quick reference for our students to go back to better understand the different components. The Language guides provide detailed information presented for educators but, they are not student friendly.

In order to make Assessment explanations and rubrics accessible to all my students, I decided to create webinars using student friendly explanations. In our on line environment, our learners are supervised by educators who might (or not) have experience in Spanish ab initio.  Sometimes, students ask for guidance to our Site Coordinators to better understand the tasks’ instructions.  These videos are becoming tools for coordinators, parents, tutors and other educators who need to get access to a quick and reliable reference.
Pamoja provides us with one of my favorite web tools: Elluminate.  I use this platform to present information using organizers designed by me, taken for the language guide, procedure handbook or the On Line Curriculum Center (OCC). I prepare the pages or material ahead of time and use Screen-o-matic because it is easy to edit and I can have links that are accessible to everybody. I can also keep track of how many viewers are using the resource.  Based on the received feedback, I realized that these webinars are serving our students and our PLC.
It is important to keep in mind, that the webinars are a reference and that IB teachers need to continue using the Language Guide for more detailed information.

September 9, 2012
by Daniella Cossio
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Bulletin from my News Item

Dear Colleagues,

Some of you asked about the bulletin that I used for Week 34 News Item.  It is simple to make and it looks nice.  In a Word Document I inserted the bulletin clipart.  I included the name of the students and some images (on top of the clipart) to personalize it. Finally, take a screenshot and, that is it!

March 11, 2012
by Daniella Cossio
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Using New Resources to solve issues

Week 24 Vocabulary had a very neat section with images. When I uploaded in Google docs, it got altered and confusing. My fellow teachers came up with different solutions (all of them work!) and I wanted to find one more option. Since so many of our students have smartphones, I created a QR Code for them.

Thank you,
Laura Locker

March 9, 2012
by Emilia Carrillo
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A Y2 Interactive Activity 2011-2012

Some “Interactive Oral” videos made by Y2 students:

The situation was the following:
“You were practicing a sport over the weekend and suffered an injury. Create a scene at the doctor’s office where you mention the sport you were practicing, what happened, what kind of injury you have, what the doctor prescribes, etc.”


March 5, 2012
by Emilia Carrillo

Displaying Student Work- Vuvox

VuvoxEmilia shared some time ago the wonderful uses of animoto to display student work!
What a great tool.

Today we would like to share Vuvox. This fantastic tool enables everyone to easily turn their photos, videos, text and audio clips into interactive stories.
You create a collage!

The COLLAGE can be published, embedded, into any website, blog or social networking site.
Excellent tool to showcase what your students have been working on!
Below is an example of what we have done in Y2 for our Students : (with sound)
Have fun!!!


March 5, 2012
by Emilia Carrillo


Hi!! Soon we will be done with y2 orals!!!
I am a mac user and since Pamela does not work with Mac’s I have been using Mac G-recorder with great results.  It not only saves the conversation directly to your G-mail, but it saves your text conversations as well on a different file.

Files are automatically saved as mp3 files and they are good quality!

G recorder is free for 14-days here is the link to to G-recorder

To Set Up:

After installation G-recorder on the Mac OS X you will see the window
with settings where you can chose:
– Export new chat logs in your inbox?
– Export existing chat logs in your inbox?

1) Select your mail inbox or  Mail inbox. Also you can set up the option to save skype calls: automatically, send a request to record, manual.
2)  Then you choose the recording quality, and enable / disable notifications.
3)  On the step “Advanced settings” you can configure “Idle time” and E-mails on which you will get your logs. After this step Skype recorder start to store your chats and skype calls.
4)  On the step Login you must choose the E-mail service, where the program should store logs, and fill in your login and password.

And don’t worry!!!  Authorization to Gmail is certified, so you can be sure in the safety of your data.
Happy recordings!!!!

March 5, 2012
by Emilia Carrillo

Using Animoto to Display Student Work

An easy and wonderful tool to display student work in the News Item is Animoto. You can display student presentations, flyers, menus, designs, etc.

Here are two examples:

                    Display of Week 18 Stixy Boards:

           Turn the volume up here.

        Laura’s Week 22 Display of the Room Design Activity:

           Turn the volume up here.

February 29, 2012
by Emilia Carrillo

Oral Assignment Feedback

John W. shared an interesting article in the PLC: What Online Students Want

The article names 3 things online students want:
1. More collaboration
2. Regular feedback that uses multimedia
3. Tools to aid metacognition

Coincidentally, they all have a lot to do with what we are trying to implement more of in the Spanish course. 

From the student blogs we have read that they want to get together more, have more contact with each other and group work. The review week where they created the Stixy projects proved to be an activity that most enjoyed and were looking for. If you come across any other fun/engaging ideas in which we can incorporate groupwork share them here.
A different feedback option for oral assignments is a short explanatory video, in which students can hear the teacher’s voice and listen to the correct pronunciation…

Jing is a great tool for this kind of feedback. There is also the tool “Screencast-o-matic” in which you can add a video of yourself (although this one takes longer to load once your done).

Here is an example:

This is a Jing example:

Please share with us your thoughts when you try it out. Are there other ideas that you have in mind to “spike up” feedback?


February 2, 2012
by Laura Locker

Enfatizar algo Crucial

Emphasizing Crucial Content
Week 19 has, as part of its content, one of the most important Grammar components: Gender and Number Agreement. I saw the need, and possible outcome, to emphasize its relevance. Our students wish to do better and to be successful IB Candidates. Perhaps stressing the objectives and impact of this Week’s aims, will make a difference in how they approach a challenging Week with such vital content. (I was not able to include the emoticons).
I will like to share the message sent to SBCs and Students:
Dear Students:
Every time that you read my comments and recommendations for improvement in your activities, you have seen this instruction/recommendation: ” Please work on gender and number agreement..” Making sure that article, noun and adjective match is like the “cornerstone”. This is considered basic grammar and its perfect use is always found in the Most Successful IB Scores.
La señorita es rubia 
La señorita es rubio 


Las manzanas son rojas  
La manzanas son roja

El profesor es alto 
El profesor es altos


Nosotras somos inteligentes    
Nosotros somos inteligente


Please make sure that by the end of this week, you give your 100% to MASTER Gender and Number Agreement.

Sumit created the Bulletin Board with this topic 

I have left this Stixy Board unlocked to give you the opportunity of thinking and sharing. I believe that he did an excellent job but, if you have anything useful to share as of how to improve and master gender and number agreement, the floor is all yours!!! 

I am right here for anything that you need.
Sra. Locker
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